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Mommy & Me 3-5 years old

    Art Start offers children a variety of activities to explore the art of great artists as they create masterpieces of their own.  Each art class focuses on one artist whose style can be explored by children in a variety of media.  With four unique classes devoted to an artist, Art Start encourages children to experiment and express their creativity while learning and having fun.  Try one or try them all!

    Adapted to the California State Curriculum for Preschool Children, Art Start develops ready-for-school skills to help your child gain the most out of their art experience.  
In each class, children will create a variety of art projects,  learn about an artist and learn a new element of art. They will also receive a take-home worksheet with the Art Start Characters to reinforce their new skill.  

     Every fun-filled class is different with a brand new set of projects in each!  Take a look at some of Art Start's exciting mommy-and-me programs.

Piet Mondrian
Explore color, line, shape and form with this series of four incredible sessions.  In each class, kids will love learning about Piet Mondrian's work as they create textural finger paintings, rolling lines, sculpture and more!

Class 1:  Primary Colors and Textural Finger Painting
Class 2:  Lines and Rolling Paint Lines
Class 3: Shape and Mobiles
Class 4: Texture with Mixed Media

Henri Matisse          NEW!
Kids will love creating Georges Matisse inspired art as they experiment with color, blending, shapes and more with this exciting series of sessions:
Class 1: Colors with Watercolors
Class 2: Shape and Collage
Class 3: Paint and Rhythm
Class 4: Texture and Paint

Georges Seurat
Try out dot painting, collages and clay and more.  Based on Georges Seurat's work and pointillism, kids will enjoy discovering new ways to mix color, create texture and movement in this fun series.

Class 1:  Color and Dot Painting
Class 2:  Shape and Shape Combinations with Paint
Class 3:  Form and Clay Molding
Class 4:  Texture and Collage

Jackson Pollock
Spill and splash through the class while observing American Artist, Jackson Pollock's work.  Kids will love working with texture, shape and form and movement as they create their own masterpieces.

Class 1: Line and Drip Painting

Class 2: Shape and Splatter Painting

Class 3: Form and Sculpture

Class 4: Movement and Brush Painting

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